Todd and Vadim Black team up to fuck Tobias in’s “Alarm Cock” has released a hot threesome starring Todd, Vadim Black and Tobias. The scene – called “Alarm Cock” – starts with Vadim waking up from Tobias’ annoying alarm clock. Tobias doesn’t wake up, which pisses Vadim off. After a few days, he becomes very frustrated and threatens to wake Tobias up by slapping his cock in his face.

Tobias being sneaky puts it to the test and sure enough, Vadim makes good on his word. Vadim slaps his cock in his face and just when Tobias puts his warm mouth around Vadim’s cock, Todd walks into the bedroom. Todd is Tobias’ boyfriend, who decides to join in on the fun. Todd and Vadim team up to fuck Tobias from both sides.

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Watch Todd and Vadim Black fuck Tobias from both sides

Watch Todd and Vadim Black take turns fucking Tobias