Storytime solo from GuyBone: Brayden Wolf rubs out a creamy white load

Welcome to Brayden’s Storytime Solo. Furry hunk Brayden Wolf had a few hours left of his inaugural visit to GuyBone, which created the perfect opportunity to get one more scene out of him…. and what a fun (and hot) scene this is! Sit back, cuddle up, and enjoy a good boner… er… book with Brayden.

Brayden opened the storytime book and slid his dick through the cutout, introducing our star, his cock. His limp but thick dick took no time at all warming up to the spotlight. He played with it gently, arousing the member, making it stand at attention.  I am not sure any other dick would look quite so nice poking through the glory hole-esque pages.

Brayden beats his meat until he’s ready to shoot; hot white cum flowing all over the pages of the book, all over his tummy, and all over his palm as he rubbed it into his shaft. Well, Brayden Wolf can tuck me in and read me to sleep any day of the week!

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Watch Brayden Wolf rub out a creamy load at GuyBone

Watch Brayden Wolf stroke his juicy cock in the full-length video