Jason Vario fucks Lorenzo Flexx in “It’s Coming” part two from Raging Stallion

For the second scene from “It’s Coming“, the guys from Raging Stallion have paired up muscular studs Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx. The guys have been paired up before by Titan Men. Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx got away from their buddies, Jack Hunter and Damien Stone. Without wasting a minute of time, Lorenzo gets down to business and opens his hole for Jason to slip inside.

It’s a big cock and Lorenzo isn’t used to something that large inside his ass. There’s lots of grunting as Jason picks up the pace and pounds Lorenzo’s ass faster and harder with every thrust of his massive dick. Lorenzo likes to get fucked on his back and Jason will do anything to please his friend and get his dick wet at the same time. Lorenzo lies back and spreads his legs wide as Jason once again enters his buddy and stretches his hole even further.

Lorenzo’s ass feels amazing enveloping Jason’s throbbing dick and he pulls out to blast Lorenzo with his load of love. Jason has been ridden hard and lets his cock splash with an extra white and creamy load of thick jizz. After blowing his giant load, Lorenzo wants to leave because he’s convinced he and Jason already won the bet. Jason isn’t convinced and wants to stay all night to be sure. Who will be the last one left?

Watch Jason Vario fuck Lorenzo Flexx in “It’s Coming” part two


Watch Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario fuck at Raging Stallion

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