Jace Chambers fucks Devin Adams in “I Like Big Cock” from Pride Studios

Sexy hunks Jace Chambers and Devin Adams have been paired up by Pride Studios. In today’s release – called “I Like Big Cock” – the two discuss what they like sexually when Devin tells Jace he likes big cocks. Jace tells him he has a huge one and that he likes a nice hairy ass to which Devin tells him he has that.

Both start kissing and then the clothes come off. Devin goes right for Jace’s big cock and proves himself a worthy cock sucker. Jace then begins eating Devin’s nice hairy ass. Jace then fucks Devin doggy style for a while before flipping him on his back and sucking his cock. After cock sucking, Jace fucks Devin on his back until Devin shoots his load all over himself and Jace pulls out and shoots his creamy load.

Watch Jace Chambers fuck Devin Adams in “I Like Big Cock”

Watch Jace Chambers fuck Devin Adams at Pride Studios