Hoytt Walker and Javier Cruz fuck each other in Pride Studios’ “Yoga Fun”

Gay porn mega site Pride Studios has today released a hot scene, called “Yoga Fun“. The studio has paired up hot and horny hunks Hoytt Walker and Javier Cruz for a hot flip-fuck. Hoytt is a yoga instructor who is taking Javier through his first set of Yoga poses.

As he helps Javier get into the proper form, he cannot help but touch and caress Javier’s body and as he does both begin to get excited. Hoytt then pulls out Javier’s uncut cock and starts sucking him. Javier then sucks Hoytt’s big cock and then Hoytt positions himself above Javier and face fucks him for a bit before they move into a nice 69 on the mat. Hoytt bends Javier over the exercise ball and rims his ass deep.

He then grabs a condom and some lube and prepares Javier’s ass for a nice deep fuck over the exercise ball. He then puts Javier on his back on the ball and fucks him for a bit more and then Javier puts Hoytt on his back and fucks Hoytt until he cannot hold back and shoots his load all over Hoytt. Hoytt tells Javier to put his cock back in again and fuck him until he cums which Javier gladly does. Once Javier is back inside, Hoytt unleashes a huge cum load all over himself.

See Hoytt Walker and Javier Cruz flip-fuck in the full-length video


Watch Hoytt Walker and Javier Cruz flip-fuck at Pride Studios

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