Ezra Michaels barebacks Danny Nelson in another installment of “#helix”

Helix Studios has released a new scene from their ongoing Twitter series “#helix“, where fans get the opportunity to ask questions and direct the models through Twitter. This time, the American twink studio has paired up Ezra Michaels and Danny Nelson.

The boys answer every question with complete naked honesty and then fulfill the raunchy requests to do the dirty deeds the fans desire. Ezra and Danny have great chemistry, wrapped around one another half naked as they heat up giving you all the answers you’ve been craving. Well primed for their fan’s directorial debut, the boys get to it with a bit of biting, muscle worship and even feet tickling and sucking!

Of course you want these beauties to deep throat some delicious dong. Danny gets on Michaels meat as Ezra probes the kid’s smooth pink pucker and slaps his apple bottom booty. You asked for a lot this go, and these newbies definitely aim to please giving it their all. Bareback raunchy rides are followed by Ezra flexing his muscle fucking the tasty twink in the air!

He takes the kid a ride like he’s at the Youth Fair! Michaels gets bottom boy on his back and muscles his meat down deep inside as the kid cranks out a crazy amount of fresh cum from his rock hard, thick dick. Ezra angles his bad boy boner, hitting his twink target everywhere, including a rocket shot to the pretty boy’s face.

Watch Ezra Michaels raw-fuck Danny Nelson’s twink ass

Watch Ezra Michaels fuck Danny Nelson’s bare twink ass