Dom Ully submits to his bossy superior Kotly in “Slapped Raw” from Bromo

The latest release from Bromo is called “Slapped Raw“. The bareback studio has paired up hot Euro hunks Kotly and Dom Ully. The guys fuck in the office, while Kotly learns Dom to please him!

We have all worked for someone who’s impossible to please. Imagine if smoothing things over were as easy as offering your ass? Dom Ully does just that when he angers mean boss Kotly at the office. Fucked into oblivion on the office floor, Dom Ully learns how to submit to his sexy superior. We are pretty sure he will be asked to stay late more often now.

Watch Dom Ully please his boss Kotly at Bromo

Watch Kotly raw-fuck Dom Ully in “Slapped Raw” from Bromo