Brysen gives Barron the pounding of his life at Sean Cody

Sean Cody has brought back sexy newcomer Barron. For his second hardcore scene, he has been paired up with muscle jock Brysen. The cute newbie Barron has got Brysen going gaga over him. This definitely isn’t a one-way street, though. Barron is also crushing on hot top Brysen, and these two going at it together is definitely something else.

Their connection and chemistry not only translate really nicely onto the screen, but apparently also in their everyday lives! You can just tell that all they want to do is ravage each other all the time. Brysen doesn’t disappoint, giving Barron the pounding of his life!

And given the dripping sweat, the hot cum, and the moans and screams of pleasure that Barron made throughout the fucking, it’s safe to say he loved every second (and inch) of it! “Is this our first Sean Cody power couple right here?” “Possibly! We’ll see… time will tell.”

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Watch Barron take Brysen’s big raw cock at Sean Cody