Ashton McKay abuses Dante Colle and fucks him hard in Bromo’s “Restricted Pleasure”

Bareback studio Bromo has paired up Ashton McKay and Dante Colle for today’s release. The scene – called “Restricted Pleasure” – is loaded with hardcore bareback action, bondage and domination. Ashton uses Colle for his own pleasure and fucks him hard, deep and raw.

Strapped to a chair and blindfolded, Dante Colle is at the complete mercy of his horny captor Ashton McKay. There’s no way Dante’s jock strap can contain his excitement as Ashton begins to use his hot body for his personal pleasure. Ashton moves Dante to the bed, hands bound, face down and ass up so he can finish this hard & raw business of cum-fueled domination.

Watch Ashton McKay bareback Dante Colle in the full-length video


Watch Dante Colle being abused and fucked by Ashton McKay


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