Andy Star bottoms for Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has signed a new exclusive model. Meet Brock Magnus, a 22 year old bodybuilder from the Czech Republic, who also works as an escort. The studio has paired him up with Andrey Vic to tag-team power bottom Andy Star.

Andrey Vic wants another go at Andy, and this time he brings along his buddy, the muscle jock Brock Magnus. Andy Star is turned on big time by worked-out guys with huge hulking bodies; because of this, he spends some time sucking on Brock’s chest before taking the jock’s cock down his throat while Andrey fucks him. Andrey and Brock switch off, and Brock Magnus mounts Andy Star for some hot bareback action!

Watch Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic fuck power bottom Andy Star

Watch Andy Star bottom for muscle jocks Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic