Shawn Reeve takes Tomas Brand’s uncut cock at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has today released the first scene from their brand new movie, called “Bottom Boy Bitches“. They have paired up hot daddy Tomas Brand and blue-eyed hunk Shawn Reeve. The latter one wakes up to find himself alone in bed. His top-daddy lover, Tomas Brand, did a good job wearing him out the night before by fucking him rough and raw in the ass.

The next morning, Shawn finds Tomas in the shower cleaning up, and the sight of the water running down his exquisite physique gets him hard all over again; Shawn starts playing with his hard-on as he watches. Tomas isn’t one to ignore the needs of his boy, so he takes Shawn to bed all over again and fucks the hell out of him. Tomas’ cock is fat and uncut, and Shawn proves he’s a real taker when he’s bouncing on his daddy’s dick.

Watch Tomas Brand fuck Shawn Reeve at Lucas Entertainment

The remaining three scenes from “Bottom Boy Bitches” will be released in the coming weeks. The second scene is a hot threesome starring Andrey Vic, James Castle and Ares Fly. Bottom boy Ricky Verez is back in the third scene and gets fucked by Dylan James. Hung Latino stud Alejandro Castillo breeds Cody Winter in the fourth scene.

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