Brazilian newcomer Romeo Montero takes Tim Kruger’s massive cock at TimTales

TimTales has yet another hot newcomer for us. Meet Romeo Montero… a hot Latino from Brazil. He loves big dicks, so Tim Kruger himself is the perfect match for this newbie. Romeo was totally stoked when he first grabbed that gigantic bulge, though.

Romeo sucks Tim’s cock and almost swallows it to the base! He’s a skilled sucker, but Tim wants to test-drive that fine ass. After a few minutes, Tim slams his huge dick deep inside the Latino’s hole and starts to fuck away. Romeo’s ass hole is very tight at first, but smooth like butter towards the end. They guys fuck in various positions, before Tim shoots his load all over Romeo’s chin.

Watch Tim Kruger stretch and stuff Romeo Montero’s hole at TimTales

Watch Tim Kruger open up Romeo Montero’s hole at TimTales