Blast from the Past: Robert Van Damme fucks Kirk Cummings in “Looking At Trouble”

Sometimes it takes a while for a scene to be released. It usually takes upto a few weeks to edit and release a scene. Some studios even shoot content a couple of months in advance. The time between the moment of filming and the moment of the release for this scene is waaaaay longer than usual. “Looking At Trouble” was filmed in 2013 or 2014, which means it took them at least three years to release it.

For this scene, has paired up Robert Van Damme and Kirk Cummings. The guys get nasty in a public bathroom. Kirk sucks Robert’s meaty cock through a glory hole, but Robert is looking for more than a warm mouth. He fucks Kirk’s ass in various positions, before spraying Kirk with his cum load.

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Watch Robert Van Damme fuck Kirk Cummings in “Looking At Trouble”


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