Rego Bello and Devin Adams fuck each other in “Cheating Lovers” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios network site Men Over 30 has paired up Rego Bello and Devin Adams for their latest release, called “Cheating Lovers“. They guys are sitting in bed and discussing the fact that they both have boyfriends, but have enjoyed hooking up with each other once before. Rego says he does not know why, but the sex with Devin is awesome and then he says ‘We did not kiss last time?’

With that they begin making out and soon Devin has Rego’s hard cock out and is sucking it. Rego then pulls out Devin’s hard cock and sucks him. Both get out of their clothes and engage in a nice 69 for a while before Devin puts Rego on his knees and rims his ass.

Devin then fucks Rego in two positions and when Rego indicates he wants to cum, Devin pulls out and says he wants Rego to fuck him. Devin rides Rego first and then lies on his back and lets Rego fuck the cum out of him. Rego then pulls out and shoots his load all over Devin.

Watch Rego Bello and Devin Adams flip-fuck at Pride Studios


Watch Rigo Bello and Devin Adams fuck in “Cheating Lovers”

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