Peter Marcus and Chandler Scott flip-fuck in Pride Studios’ “The Glory of being Versatile”

Today’s release from the Pride Studios network is a hot flip-fuck scene, titled “The Glory of being Versatile“. Furry lovers Peter Marcus and Chandler Scott are looking for some adventure in their sex life. Chandler has heard about this bathroom with a glory hole and brings Peter to check it out.

Neither has ever had sex in a bathroom or used a glory hole, so they are excited yet are keeping an eye out encase some body walks in. Chandler sticks his cock through first and Peter sucks it. Peter then sticks his through and Chandler sucks it. Chandler then comes out and they do some more sucking before Chandler rims Peter’s ass and fucks him bent over the trash can. Peter then lies on the floor and Chandler rides his cock until both guys shoot their loads.

Watch Peter Marcus and Chandler Scott flip-fuck at Pride Studios

Watch Chandler Scott and Peter Marcus flip-fuck at Pride Studios