Oliver Saxon and Cole Claire flip-fuck in “Sea Shore Hardcore” from Helix Studios

Twink boys Cole Claire and Oliver Saxton are frolicking on the beach at the start of “Sea Shore Hardcore” from Helix Studios. It may be a bit chilly but these beach babes definitely aren’t experiencing any shrinkage! With waves crashing against their cocks, the handsome boys taste each other’s sweet, salty lips before their big boners lead the way to a more secluded area where the real action goes down!

Tall and tan, Oliver tears at Cole’s cock confining swimwear, anxious to get at the ever thickening thing inside those tight trunks! One look at Cole’s perfect cock and Oliver drops to his knees to inhale the kid’s huge hog. Cock hungry Cole unties his swim buddy’s trunks and discovers an absolutely delicious dick. He slurps at the salt water covered wang, cleaning every inch of Oliver’s schlong with his tongue.

Oliver pushes the kid deeper down onto his piece to get a better reach at the boy’s bubble butt. He likes what he sees and immediately wants in. Turning Cole around, Oliver slaps the kid’s can with his heavy cock before breaking in bareback. Oliver envelops pretty boy Cole, wrapping his muscled arms completely around the butt boy and punishing the fuck out of his hole.

Then sexy slut Oliver tosses his own legs in the air, inviting Cole to give him a taste of his own meaty medicine. Cole is a confident cocky top. Holding his own, he tosses Oliver around like a play thing as he thrusts in deep and hard.

Keeping it exciting, the fellas flip flop once more. Cole saddles up on top Oliver for one hell of a hot horse ride before getting on his back so we can see both boners in their full glory as they get ready to blow. Oliver fires up the pace, rabbit fucking the cum right out of Cole’s cock. The bronze beach boy doesn’t let up, he keeps pumping penis deep in Cole’s cum hole then glazes the kid’s cakes with sweet cream.

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