Hung twins Michael Stax and Jacob Stax jerk off together at Active Duty

The guys from Active Duty have a special scene for us and this particular one doesn’t happen that often. They got two twin brothers stroking their big dicks for you. Michael Stax and Jacob Stax are 26 years old and love to camp and live up the night life. They are not shy and have had three ways in the past.

The Stax brothers are lean clean and full of cum. They have some meaty thick cocks and they can’t wait to use them. They’ve seen each other naked so stroking their big cocks next to each other isn’t a big deal at all. They have tan skin and are some pretty wholesome nice young men.

At times they move in sync with each other while tugging on their dicks and rubbing their bodies. The excitement finally comes to a climax as the first brother blasts his load all over himself and not shortly after the other brother nuts all over himself as well and erupts in laughter because he almost got some nut on his bro.

At the end of the video, the Stax twins announce that they will be back for a threesome in which they will tag-team another recruit.

Michael and Jacob do look like each other, but I can’t really tell whether they are actual (twin) brothers – especially since one of them is cut and the other is uncut. What do you think? Is Active Duty trying to sell us a fantasy?

Watch Michael Stax and Jacob Stax jerk off together at Active Duty


Watch the Stax twins stroke their big cocks at Active Duty


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