Dylan James fucks Ricky Verez in “Bottom Boy Bitches” part 3 from Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has released the third scene from their “Bottom Boy Bitches” part three – starring inked stud Dylan James and greedy bottom boy Ricky Verez. All Dylan James wants to do is relax a bit and watch some TV. He’s not interested in entertaining the whims of Ricky Verez.

But Ricky is always bored and in need of getting his ass fucked, so he makes it his personal mission to provoke Dylan into teaching him a lesson. Ricky achieves this goal by splashing water on Dylan. So be it: if Ricky Verez wants Dylan James to rough him up and bareback his hole with all nine inches of his cock, that’s exactly what he’s going to get!

Watch Dylan James stuff Ricky Verez’ hole and mouth

Watch Ricky Verez take a hard pounding from Dylan James