Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker in a raw-flip-fuck scene from GuyBone

The latest release from GuyBone is a hot flip-fuck scene starring two hot and rough-looking studs; Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker. Both guys have already done a hardcore scene for GuyBone, but this is the first time we see them as a top. Right from the start, Avi and Hoytt are really into each other. They waste no time and immediately start making out, before they take turns sucking and rimming each other.

They moan and groan while they service each other’s throbbing cocks, big balls and furry ass holes. Next, Hoytt lubes up and pushes his pulsating dick deep inside Avi’s tight – but ready – hole, while spreading Avi’s legs. He starts slowly, but soon picks up the pace and fucks Avi’s bare hole like an animal.

Hoytt spread Avi’s legs and gave me a hot view of him entering his back door. Then he squeezed his legs tight and hugged them as he fucked raw and deep. Avi’s pecs jiggled ever so slightly with the rhythm of the sex and my eyes darted between them and his incredibly sexy bare feet, flopping up near Hoytt’s head. The guys work up a sweat and change their positions. Avi is on the floor in a shoulder stand, while Hoytt fucks his hole from above. Soon, he’s doing push-ups, thrusting deep into Avi’s – already gaping – hole.

Before Avi fucks Hoytt, he takes another moment to service Hoytt’s dick and ass. Once Hoytt’s hole is all wet and loosened up, he starts pumping – fucking his bottom raw and hard. Hoytt bends over and gives himself to Avi – who really shows us his dominant side now. It looks like Hoytt is in a sex trance, literally dickmatized by the pounding Avi gives him. The feel of Avi’s perfectly shaped cock inside his ass is enough to make him cum. He blows and amazing load onto his chest and stomach, while Avi is still inside him.

To get himself off, Avi wants to ride Hoytt’s still erect dick one final time. He rubs his own dick, hard as ever, lubed with Hoytt’s jizz he’d scooped up from his belly. He then shoots his seed across Hoytt’s hairy neckline, onto his beard and into his open, waiting mouth. They kiss once more, so they can taste a mix of their own and each other’s cum. Very hot!

See Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker flip-fuck at GuyBone

Watch Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker raw-fuck each other at GuyBone


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