New Alpha top Cristian Sam fucks Chucho Martin’s hungry hole at TimTales

TimTales is proud to introduce a very hot newcomer; Argentinan alpha muscle man Cristian Sam. The masculine newcomer has been paired up with Chucho Martin and is ready to dominate and fuck him. Tim calls this scene the hottest fuck of the summer.

Cristian is insanely hot. A strong body with the most masculine face, and a cock to die for. Chucho Martin was stunned by Cristian’s masculinity. He told me it’s the most beautiful cock he’s ever sucked. Cristian’s cock is not only perfect, it’s big, long and hard as rock. He loves to passionately dominate his bottom.

He takes Chucho’s hole and makes it his property. Fucking him hard and deep like a true macho from Buenos Aires. It was sunny and hot, so they ended up fucking under the shower. What a view! I had a ragging hard on while editing that scene. Hottest fuck of the summer!

Watch Cristian Sam dominate and fuck Chucho Martin at TimTales


Watch Chucho Martin take Cristian Sam’s big cock at TimTales


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