Lucas Entertainment: Drae Axtell gets his bare hole stretched and stuffed by Lucas Fox

For their latest release, Lucas Entertainment has paired up two very hot guys; Lucas Fox and Drae Axtell. The latter one has met his match with Lucas Fox, a stunningly handsome Latin man that matches Drae’s own good looks. Drae breaks out his Spanish-speaking skills and talks with Lucas in the tradition of the “Bareback Auditions” movies.

One particular point of discussion involves their sex lives, of course. But why talk about it when Lucas can show him what he does best? Drae commits himself to servicing Lucas’s cock. When Drae is on his elbows and knees, Lucas has especially deep and unhindered access to pump cum.

Watch Drae Axtell getting stuffed by Lucas Fox

Watch Lucas Fox stretch and stuff Drae Axtell in the full-length video