Jaxton Wheeler fucks Kory Houston in “Need A Hand?” from Icon Male

Today’s release from Icon Male is called “Need A Hand?“. The studio has paired up beefy stud Jaxton Wheeler and sexy young hunk Kory Houston. This scene comes from the full-length movie “His Hot Brother in Law”.

While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler’s room he starts jerking off to the thought of getting fucked by Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him. He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then gives him his mouth, ass and cum as well. All of Kory’s jerking off fantasies just became a reality!

Watch Kory Houston getting fucked by Jaxton Wheeler

Watch Jaxton Wheeler fuck Kory Houston in the full-length video