New Helix Studios exclusive Ezra Michaels strips naked and jerks off

Damn! The guys from Helix Studios have found themselves another hot and horny young hunk. Ezra Michaels is a rare find, the kind of guy you’d see in a glossy fashion magazine and fantasize about fucking the shit out of you. In a master suite’s plush bathroom, Ezra strips down and seductively shows off his chiseled bone structure and tight, tanned body before hopping in the shower.

The young hunk puts on one hell of a show, and as the warm water caresses his cock, so does he. Aqua trickles down Ezra’s beautiful tattooed, muscled back towards his round ass cheeks which he spreads and teases with fingers. Once our dirty boy gets clean, he decides to get even dirtier. The room is covered in mirrors so we can see every angle of Michael’s juicy cock.

This super model of male masturbation plays with his smooth balls as he strokes his long, slippery schlong. The kid’s cock is just as gorgeous as the rest of him, big, thick and rock hard. It also has that good curve which slopes upwards towards his six pack. You know the kind of cock that’ll hit your sweet spot, pushing pounds of cum out as it massages your prostate perfectly.

Our golden boy’s flawless skin starts to glisten and his gorgeous groin goes off like a geyser erupting. His nut blasts all the way up to his hard nips and covers his amazing abs. It looks so tasty that Michaels makes a meal out of it, licking every last drop off his salty fingers. He is definitely gonna need another shower after this, we know we did.

Watch new Helix exclusive Ezra Michaels in his solo video

Watch Ezra Michaels strip naked and jerk off at Helix Studios

Ben Masters and Ezra Michaels

Ezra Michaels and fellow newcomer Ben Masters have both been signed as exclusive Helix Studios models. Both of them are a great addition to the present stable of Helix boys.

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