Handsome Elder Sorensen gets his ass fucked by President Olsen at Mormon Boyz

For the latest release from Mormon Boyz, handsome Elder Sorensen has been paired up with hung President Olsen. Elder Sorenson had spent time with President Olsen. While he was a man of great power and authority, Sorensen was equally drawn to him because of his warmth and tenderness. He always took time to personally offer love and support to Elder Sorensen during his journey. The boy saw the older man as mentor and even a father figure.

While Elder Sorenson had been touched by the president before, he had never met with him in the intimate ordinance chambers of the temple. As an ordained member of the higher priesthood, he would now learn more about the secrets and traditions of the fraternal order. And he would learn about traditions that once kept the identities of The Order’s leadership secret.

In a dark room of the temple, scarcely lit by candles, Elder Sorenson presents himself as he hoped the man he longed for would approve. President Olsen is quite a dominant man and Elder Sorensen feels like a object… or even a toy. After Elder Sorensen gets fully naked and positioned on all fours, Olsen begins to play with his hanging genitals, teasing and probing his balls, his cock and his tight smooth hole.

Soon, the fingers are beig replaced by a something larger, wider, and harder. A large butt plug opens him up more than he anticipated. Hearing the boy moan with pain and pleasure excites President Olsen even more and soon his throbbing cock forces its way into the boy’s smooth hole.

Barely able to move, he continues to moan as he submits himself to be the fuck hole for the powerful president. He feels a comfort in knowing that all he has to do is lie there and take it. In that resignation, he feels an intense pleasure as his hole wraps tightly around Olsen’s big cock.

Watch President Olsen fuck Elder Sorensen at Mormon Boyz


Watch President Olsen fuck Elder Sorensen at Mormon Boyz


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