Danny Luca and Tristan Sweet suck each other’s dicks at Raunchy Bastards

Young straight boys Danny Luca and Tristan Sweet have been paired up for the latest Raunchy Bastards release. They had just met five minutes before we filmed this, and you’d have thought they were old drinking buddies. Maybe it’s because they kept talking about how straight they were.

Danny was particularly impressed that Tristan had damaged his fist the evening before in a fit of rage against a brick wall. I had told Danny that he was just going to get blown by the new guy, and he was fine with that – thinking himself the masculine alpha. He did keep a keen eye on Tristan’s cock, though, and before long he was unexpectedly slobbering some knob himself. The guys even had a “sword fight,” which I have to admit was kind of cute. Tristan seemed to adore Danny’s cock, and I don’t blame him!

Tristan gave Danny the best blowjobs he’s ever had, I’m sure, and Danny blew a massive load to show for it. Tristan loved every inch of Danny down his throat as well, and he came buckets. It was really hot that Tristan came onto Danny’s dick, and then used his cum as lube for a handjob. Now that’s some cum-freak! It’s so nice to see these (supposed) straight boys having so much messy fun together.

Watch Danny Luca and Trustan Sweet suck each other off at Raunchy Bastards


See Danny Luca and Tristan Sweet blow each other at Raunchy Bastards


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