Chad Neil from Active Duty is back as broke straight boy Ashton Taylor

Last month (link), the guys from Active Duty introduced us to a cute 18 year old. His name is Chad Neil and I was hoping to see him back soon for his first hardcore scene. He is back again, but not as expected. It turns out he also filmed a solo scene for Broke Straight Boys. His name at BSB is Ashton Taylor. Now I’m wondering if he has filmed any hardcore scenes at all and whether it was for Active Duty or BSB.

Ashton Taylor, one of our sexy new guys, is a little bit nervous as we ask him to strip down and show us his tattoos, but when we get him naked and on the bed, he loosens up a bit. He lubes up his cock and gets to work, stroking that dick as he closes his eyes and focuses, getting hard quick as his hand travels up and down his thick shaft. He kneels on the bed and masturbates himself in another position, rubbing his long cock against the bed as he thrusts his hips into it and plays with himself.

He changes positions again, lying back and then getting on his knees, striking a sexy pose for us as he touches himself, letting out a few soft moans while he jerks his prick and lets his free and wander across his body, grabbing his ass and playing with his balls. When he’s close to coming, he lies back on the bed, really rubbing that dick, faster and harder until he pumps out a nice big load, soaking himself in cum for a hot ending to a very hot solo scene!

Watch Chad/Ashton play with his cock for Broke Straight Boys

Watch the full-length video at Broke Straight Boys


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