Noah Donovan slams his fat cock deep into Bennett Anthony’s ass in “Drive Thru” part six

Raging Stallion has today released the sixth and final scene from their “Drive Thru” movie.  They have paired up hung muscle stud Noah Donovan and cock-hungry redhead Bennett Anthony.

Bennett Anthony and Noah Donovan need to finish up their hot exchange. Bennett is bent over with Noah’s face inside of Bennett’s hairy ass. After tonguing Bennett’s hole, Noah drives his massive wiener straight thru Bennett’s ‘Drive Thru’.

After pounding Bennett doggy style, Noah flips him onto the tabletop and drills his eager center. Bennett’s moans and screams echo throughout the restaurant as he strokes out a load into his thick, red pubes. Noah adds his cum to the mix and the two connect for one last kiss.

Watch Noah Donovan fuck Bennett Anthony in “Drive Thru” part six

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