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From exclusive Helix boy to exclusive Cocky boy! Sean Ford makes his dazzling debut at CockyBoys, opening himself up to a new adventure and impressing his scene partner Calvin Banks (who also started his porn career with Helix Studios). Sean is immediately attracted to Calvin and his big dick but also to his smart and sweet personality.

On a bike ride in the country, Calvin eagerly invites Sean to a secluded spot by the lake for the new experience of erotic pleasure in the summer rain… an invitation to which Sean happily agrees. Under the canopy of trees they kiss at length and as Calvin’s shorts slide down, Sean makes his move. He is a little hesitant about sucking cock and getting caught, but a confident Calvin reassures him he’ll be keeping an eye.

Soon Sean is sucking Calvin’s growing cock and licking his balls and giving him the unexpected pleasure of a deep-throating him without a hint of a gag reflex. Sean adapts quickly to sex in the rain. He takes Calvin to another spot in the woods and bends over an inverted rowboat and as requested, Calvin rims and opens him up. They’re both equally excited now and eagerly bound back to the cottage.

Inside, Calvin makes short work of getting Sean’s shorts off, sucking his cock and returning to rimming and finger fucking his boy hole. Sean makes it clear vocally and verbally that he likes this prelude to full-on sex. In a matter of seconds Calvin is plunging his cock into Sean with passion and a natural, almost involuntary momentum.

At one point Calvin picks up Sean with graceful ease and fucks him in mid-air… bouncing him on his cock at length, quite possibly the longest sustained mid-air sex in CockyBoys history. Calvin switches to pounding him from behind but Sean takes charge, not just riding Calvin’s cock but fucking himself with it until he shoots his load. Calvin stands up and and gives the spent Sean Ford a thick facial and a loving kiss!

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