Mason Lear raw-fucks Hans Berlin’s ass at Breed Me Raw

This week’s release from Breed Me Raw brings together two horny guys; Mason Lear and Hans Berlin. It was a gorgeous morning at the gay resort when Hans Berlin gave Mason Lear a kiss on the cheek and started fondling his morning wood under the sheets. It didn’t take Mason much convincing to stay in bed all day and fuck.

Mason soon returned the favor and buried his face in between Hans bubble butt while Hans enjoyed the morning view through the window. Mason pulled him back to the bed on all fours, his ass wet and ready. His throbbing cock slid gently into Hans’ tight ass, slowly thrusting deeper and deeper. Hans enjoyed every inch, grunting after each thrust as they picked up the tempo, until Mason was pounding Hans’ hole as fast as he could.

With a loud moan, Mason unloads all the cum he’s saved for his man into his ass, more and more cum dripping out of Hans’ hole as Mason continued thrusting. It isn’t long before Hans blows a big load all over Mason’s chest from getting his cum loaded ass fucked.

Watch Mason Lear fuck Hans Berlin at Breed Me Raw

Watch Mason Lear fuck Hans Berlin’s bare ass at Breed Me Raw