Bogdan Gromov and Andrey Vic fuck Andy Star and Dani Robles at Lucas Entertainment

The guys from Lucas Entertainment have released another scene from their “Fuck n Cuck” movie. It’s barely a cuckold video, but if you like bareback foursomes and hung muscle studs, then you will definitely enjoy this one!

Andy Star is hanging out with his best friend Dani Robles while Andy’s boyfriend, Andrey Vic, is picking up his Russian friend from the airport. Andrey has wanted to get his hands on Dani for a while now, but Andy will only allow that to happen if he’s offered a hot guy to occupy him in the meantime.

Andrey sends Dan and Andy a picture of his friend, Bogdan Gromov, and Andy instantly falls for his incredibly body and warm smile. By the time the foursome is well underway, Andy Star and Dani Robles are full of raw Russian dick as Bogdan Gromov and Andrey Vic fuck the hell out of them!

Watch Bogdan Gromov, Andrey Vic, Andy Star and Dani Robles fuck

See Bogdan and Andrey fuck Andy and Dani at Lucas Entertainment