Trelino pounds Andrew Stark in “Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2” part one from Falcon Studios

Sometimes, it takes a little patience for a sequel to come out. In this case, it took 12 years!! Falcon Studios has created a sequel to one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time; “Earthbound – Heaven to Hell“. For this occasion, the talented Chi Chi LaRue has returned to Falcon to direct the second part, which picks up where the epic original from 2005¬†ended.

Dean Monroe (who played the “Devil” in the original movie) has returned and¬†original star Brad Patton will return to the screen with a special guest appearance as well. The rest of the cast is incredible, too. Besides Trelino and Andrew Stark (who both appear in the opening scene of “Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2“), we’re going to see Skyy Knox, Sean Zevran, Johnny V, Arad WinWin, Gabriel Alonzo, Blake Riley, Andre Donovan and gay porn couple JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan.

Nobody snitches and gets away with it. You must pay! When Lord (Andrew Stark) confronts Snitch (Trelino), it takes enhanced interrogation tactics to get him talking. Lord spreads Snitch’s ass and has his way with it, using his tongue to prepare it for Snitch’s penance. Stripping off his clothing, Lord reveals his massive cock and shoves it into Snitch’s mouth. With Snitch’s ass wet and Lord’s cock throbbing, Lord makes his move.

As if possessed with demonic power, Lord pounds his cock deep into Snitch’s tight hole. Flipping on his back, Snitch works his uncut meat as Lord penetrates further inside. With Lord still inside him, Snitch blows his load across his ripped abs. Standing over Snitch’s face, Lord strokes out a massive, thick load that splatters across Snitch’s face. Now that he got what he wanted, Lord pushes Snitch down on the ground and leaves him.

Watch Trelino and Andrew Stark in “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell” part one

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