Ryan Jordan raw-fucks Richard Buldger’s tight boy hole at Active Duty

Active Duty has paired up sexy recruits Ryan Jordan and Richard Buldger. They have been paired up before, together with Quentin Gainz. Now they are are back for some one-on-one action and this is one sexy, hot fucking and deep pounding scene. These two hear throbs begin in our classic relaxation mode where they become comfortable with each other.

They slowly awake their big dicks by stroking them and rubbing them. Once Ryan sees that sexy thick cock his mouth is all over it taking every inch of Richard deep inside his eager mouth. Ryan loves to be gagged and Richard does just that by fucking his face and making Ryan’s mouth leak out gobs of spit. Richard doesn’t stray away for the dick and now he’s gobbling up Ryan’s dick deep in his mouth.

He loves to feel balls resting on his chin as he licks and sucks on every inch of that long cock. Ryan being the dominate soldier he is tops the fuck out of Richard deep and hard. He has to start out slow though easing Richard into it with that big dick of his.

Ryan moves his hips slow and steady and once Richard’s tight ass opens up that’s when Ryan doesn’t hold back as he fucks him hard and fast. Finally after all the sexy passionate fucking and ball slapping these two studs stroke their loads out onto Richard’s smooth chest drenching him with ample amounts of creamy hot cum.

Watch Ryan Jordan bareback Richard Buldger at Active Duty


Watch Ryan Jordan fuck Richard Buldger at Active Duty


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