Rikk York bottoms for Michael Roman in “Drive Thru” part one from Raging Stallion

Today, Raging Stallion has released the first scene from a brand new movie, called “Drive Thru“. For the opening scene, the studio has paired up two masculine hotties; Michael Roman and Rikk York.

Rikk York mans the drive thru as orders flow in. At the window, Rikk notices scruffy hunk Michael Roman outside staring and touching himself in Rikk’s clear view. Rikk takes one last order and heads out to take the trash where he happily runs into Michael. Instantly, Michael grabs Rikk and starts tearing clothes off. Rikk hits the ground and dives straight down on Michael’s fat cock. Mid blowjob, Rikk gets another order but puts it off on someone else.

Michael returns the oral favor with a sopping wet hummer and slick rim job. The two take it inside and Michael enters Rikk on the counter. After taking it from behind, Rikk lies back on the counter and gets pounded deep. Michael keeps pounding until Rikk unleashes a hot load onto his hairy abs. Michael shoots his spunk all over Rikk’s hairy ass.

Watch Rikk York take a hard pounding from Michael Roman at Raging Stallion

Watch Michael Roman fuck Rikk York in “Drive Thru” from Raging Stallion