Josh Moore pleases Boomer Banks and takes his huge cock at CockyBoys

This is good! CockyBoys has paired up Josh Moore and Boomer Banks and the result is just amazing. It’s time for Josh to become Boomer’s boy toy and do whatever he tells him. It’s a secret desire Boomer had after first meeting Josh, who in turn is ready to please him. Their intense connection is so strong that Boomer barely utters a word to control him. He holds Josh tight while staring into his eyes, and pulls him close to grip his sexy ass and enjoy his tight hole.

Boomer moves Josh to put his hands behind his back and lie on top of Boomer as the tattooed stud enjoys his body in a proprietary manner. When Boomer decides it’s time, he slides Josh slowly down to kiss his muscular torso and lick the precum already oozing from his cock. As commanded, Josh Moore sucks Boomer’s cock to full size but Boomer is not through enjoying his boy.

He orders Josh to stand then show off his muscular ass, sit on his face to be eaten out and spanked. When he sees how his tongue work has excited Josh, Boomer can’t wait to suck his cock and make it grow even bigger, savoring every moment. At last, Josh is allowed to prove himself to his man by easing his juicy hole on Boomer’s shaft. It takes some effort from Josh to get used to riding Boomer’s legendary cock but he does, with some of Boomer’s forceful guidance.

Boomer takes Josh to the bedroom, stopping along the way to fuck him in the doorway, enjoy his body and remind him who’s in charge. On top of the bed Boomer fucks Josh on his back, continuously gazing intently at his face for the effect his cock is having on him.

Boomer finds a slightly sideways position to bring Josh to the edge and make the vocal bottom explode with thick load. Josh barely has time to catch his breath as Boomer is ready to cum too and wants his boy’s head resting on his abs for a gooey facial. Josh is very happy, resting his head on Boomer’s shoulder when he hears him say “Good boy”.

Watch Josh Moore please Boomer Banks at CockyBoys

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  • W.E.

    Good fucking god YES!! Josh Moore has really caught my eye of late. Tall, muscly, handsome AND a master of taking big cocks. Check his scene with Tim Kruger. Can’t wait to cream to this one. Logan is one lucky guy.

    • Yes his scene with Tim is super hot! Logan and Josh are no longer together though

  • Boomer Banks got Josh Moore pressed up against the door frame working his snake all up inside!