Beefy Czech guy goes gay for pay in Czech Hunter #301

The latest find from Czech Hunter is a big and beefy guy. This straight boy is a bodybuilder and he’s quite eager to show off his body. The guy has some financial troubles, so he accepted Czech Hunter’s offer without hesitation. He agreed to go gay for pay and take a dick in exchange for some cash…. which turned out to be quite a challenge since the dick in question is much bigger than his own cock.

I was chilling out and looking for a nice catch when I saw this guy. He was easy to spot. A tall and huge boy. And I mean huge! I used my blog about athletes excuse on him and he swallowed the bait easily. He definitely wanted to show off. So I took him to a nearby work out place and paid him to exercise for my amusement. Half-naked, of course. The boy was a bodybuilder hence the view was simply gorgeous.

All those pull-ups made me terribly horny. I just didn’t want to make him angry with some inappropriate proposition. Then he told me about his financial problems and I offered him a nice way to solve them. I was lucky because the guy was very open-minded, I think he even had a gay experience. Or maybe he liked me, who knows.

Watch this straight bodybuilder take cock in Czech Hunter #301

Watch this straight bodybuilder take a big cock in Czech Hunter #301