Boomer Banks and Arad WinWin double-fuck Skyy Knox at CockyBoys

Is there an award for most insatiable bottom? If so, please hand it over to Skyy Knox right now. He was double-fucked by Jack Hunter and Brandon Jones in his first CockyBoys video and now he’s back to take it one step further; a DP scene with Arad WinWin and Boomer Banks! Also, lets not forget the two massive dicks he took for TimTales (here and here). And last week, he got spit-roasted by Logan Moore and Austin Wolf at Hot House.

But lets focus on the latest release from CockyBoys. At first Arad WinWin and Skyy Knoxx kiss and caress each other while Boomer Banks watches from the bed, but things move quickly once Skyy’s beautiful bubble butt is revealed and all three are totally engaged and enjoying each other… non-stop.

Boomer Banks starts the cocksucking but it’s his huge dick and Skyy Knox’s ass that get the most attention in the early going… and at the same time! Skyy is bent over sucking Boomer, as well as engaging in dirty talk and kissing him, while from behind, Arad WinWin rims and starts fucking him, with a smile on his face. A triangle of pleasure forms with Arad kissing Boomer while he fucks Skyy, who in turn sucks Boomer.

The positions change seamlessly several times during the next few minutes but there’s virtually no point where a mouth or cock OR Skyy’s hole isn’t busy. And in fact Skyy’s mouth at one point takes on both cocks at once.

Skyy Knox eventually becomes the center of attention as the guys temporarily move from the bed to standing in the window, where Skyy finally gets nailed by Boomer Banks while Arad WinWin sucks him from the front. In this fast-changing scene, Arad is soon holding up Skyy as Boomer fucks him in mid-air, and in no time they’re back in bed with Skyy still impaled on Boomer’s pole and riding him.

The sexually charged trio raises the bar again as Arad and Boomer double-fucks Skyy…. in two positions, one after the other! Arad winds up being the one to fuck Skyy until he shoots, but Boomer’s mouth is there to get his load and that of Arad cums right after. However, it’s Skyy who gets the prize: a mouthful of Boomer’s thick load and a mix of own cum and Arad’s…. cascading directly from Boomer’s mouth!

Watch Sky Knoxx get a double-penetration from Arad WinWin and Boomer Banks

Watch Arad WinWin and Boomer Banks double-fuck Skyy Knox