Max Sargent drills Kacey Jones’ ass in “Beer Can Cock” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios network site Men Over 30 has paired up Max Sargent and Kacey Jones for their latest release, called “Beer Can Cock”. Max has invited Kacey back to his place and Kacey is nervous about having sex with Max because he has a very thick cock and he is not sure he can handle it.

Once Max pulls it out of his pants, Kacey does his best to suck it deep but he struggles with the thickness. Max lies Kacey back on the bed as he sucks his cock and shows his masterful cock sucking skills as he deep throats him and licks his balls at the same time!

He then rolls him up and rims Kacey’s ass before slowly sticking his cock into his ass. At first, Max struggles to get his cock in Kacey’s tight ass, but with his years of experience, he knows just how to be persistent and soon Kacey’s ass is opened up and he takes Max deep and long.

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