Lorenzo Flexx takes Jason Vario’s big cock in “2 Men Kiss” part four from Titan Men

Titan Men has paired up hot and masculine men Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario for the fourth part of “2 Men Kiss“. It’s a very passionate scene, which starts in and by the pool – but the main course (Lorenzo’s sexy ass) is being served inside.

In the pool, muscle men Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario kiss as they wrap their arms around each other before hitting the outdoor shower. They continue to lock lips, cocks pressed against each other, as the massive Jason towers over Lorenzo – who feasts on Jason’s uncut throbber. He takes it all in, water cascading down their built frames.

Lorenzo gasps for breath as his face gets fucked, the two soon toweling off inside. “Fuck, that feels amazing!” moans Lorenzo as his ass gets eaten, thumbed and fucked. Lorenzo sits on the top, balls slamming against balls, before getting on his back—licking Jason’s thumb as the top grinds in deep. “Come all over me!” moans the bottom, who is soon soaked – Jason rubbing and licking it off him before they lock lips one more time.

Watch Jason Vario plow Lorenzo Flexx’ ass at Titan Men


Watch Lorenzo Flexx take Jason Vario’s big cock in the full-length video


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