Muscle top Diego Sans fucks Roman Cage in “Partners” part two from

Gay porn mega site has today released the second scene from their “Partners” mini-series. Brazilian muscle top Diego Sans has been paired up with newcomer Roman Cage.

Roman Cage gets a taste of Diego Sans beautiful dick. Once mounted up, Roman’s ass is slammed from behind, the inside of his hole massaged by Diego’s pulsing cock. Diego fits in like a puzzle piece, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Roman’s body.

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Watch Diego Sans fuck Roman Cage in “Partners” part two

Watch Diego Sans fuck Roman Cage in “Partners” part two from

  • Taming that ass!

    • eduardo alejandro

      Definitely Diego can do it Great!….Truly amazing luscious Ass kissable Roman Cage….

      • You got that right!

        • eduardo alejandro

          Would like to be there with Roman Cage……

    • Michael D

      You can tame my ass anytime you want DH LOL

      • THANKS MD!

        • Michael D

          No problem DH.

  • Michael D

    Diego Sans is my second favorite pornstar.