Bennett Anthony rims and fucks Cameron Kincade’s ass in “Fitness Desire” from Pride Studios

Cameron Kincade is jocking Bennett Anthony in the famous Pride Studios gym locker room. He is amazed how great shape he is in and wants to know his secrets on the ultimate body. Cameron tells Bennett he wants to see him flex so Cameron takes his shirt off revealing his toned body.

Cameron is drooling all over himself and keeps complimenting Bennett so much so that awkward silence creeps up and they both just stare at each other. They gaze into each other’s eyes and finally Bennett makes the move. They begin kissing and rubbing which leads to Bennett dropping down on his knees to service his gym buddy. They swap blowjobs leading into Bennett becoming forceful and pushing Cameron up against the lockers while making out.

He spreads his legs far and wide and drops to his knees opening up Cameron’s sweet ass to be licked upon. Bennett can’t get enough of that sweet ass as he licks it clean getting it ready for his hard cock. Bennett proceeds to fuck Cameron up against the lockers then onto the bench where they both blow their built up loads.

Watch Bennett Anthony fuck Cameron Kincade in the locker room

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