Austin Wolf fucks Josh Conners in “TKO: Total Knockouts” part one from Hot House

Hot House has today released the first scene from a brand new movie, called “TKO: Total Knockouts“. The cast is nothing short of beef and muscles, as they’ve got Alexander Gustavo, Ian Greene, Ryan Rose and Trenton Ducati lined up for us. But things start of with horny muscle studs Austin Wolf and Josh Conners.

Austin Wolf and Josh Conners face off in a fight of ultimate sexual conquest. In three rounds, Austin Wolf’s imposing physique gives him the edge over Josh Conners, pinning him to the mat. When Austin wins the fight, he asserts his dominance with some breath play, controlling Josh’s air with a hand against his throat.

Claiming his prize, Austin plays with his nipples as Josh swallows Austin’s massive cock. Bending down, Austin uses his finger to work his spit into Josh’s ass. When Austin lies down on the mat, Josh sits on his face while sucking Austin’s cock. Spreading Josh’s cheeks wide, Austin saturates the tight pink center with spit. With Josh’s hole ready, it’s time to fuck! Getting down on all fours, Josh takes Austin’s cock doggy style. Austin grabs both of Josh’s arms and bends them behind Josh’s back, pinning him to the mat.

Austin then leans forward, bearing down on Josh’s hole with the full weight of his body. Turning Josh over, Austin fucks him deep and hard until they’re about to blow. Josh explodes with a thick load that puddles on his stomach. Kneeling over Josh’s face, Austin aims his load right at Josh’s lips and hits the bullseye.

Watch Austin Wolf plow Josh Conners’ ass at Hot House

Watch Austin Wolf fuck Josh Conners in “TKO: Total Knockouts”