Ashton McKay plows Aspen’s hairy ass in “Dad Group” part two from

Str8 To Gay – one of the sites within the network – has released the second scene from their “Dad Group” mini-series. The studio has paired up two hot and scruffy guys; Ashton McKay and Aspen.

Aspen can’t wait until the next stay-at-home-dad group meeting – he needs to get his dick wet now! Ashton McKay agrees to blow-off his wife’s errands and instead blows Aspen’s long delicious cock. The guys move from the bedroom to the shower where there’s a close call – but nothing will come between them and blowing a huge load.

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Watch Ashton McKay and Aspen fuck in “Dad Group” part two

Watch Aspen bottom for Ashton McKay in “Dad Group” part two

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