Alessandro Haddad takes Jimmy Durano’s big throbbing cock for CockyBoys

Alessandro Haddad is already making quite a splash at CockyBoys. After getting properly initiated by Jack Hunter, Alessandro is ready to put those bottoming skills to use again. With those dark features, that irresistible accent, and that cute face full of expression… there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.

Raised in a small town without many gay people, Alessandro describes what it was like for him to finally embrace his sexuality. Now 24, he’s built up so much confidence that he’s a natural pro at fucking on camera, eager to share with the world his most intimate abilities. He says he’s always had a thing for older, bigger guys because they “know what they are doing.” And if there’s one guy who fits that description, it’s Jimmy Durano.

The chemistry between the two is immediate and extremely hot. After flirting in their underwear, Jimmy invites Alessandro over to the bed where he strips off his underwear and gets a good grip on that perfectly round ass. He instructs Alessandro to suck him off and then get on top of him so he can eat his ass. Alessandro scoots forward and begins riding Jimmy’s cock gently at first and then harder and harder. He lays back on Jimmy’s torso where Jimmy happily does the thrusting.

Then, Jimmy leads Alessandro to a nearby couch allowing him to pound him even deeper. Jimmy pulls Alessandro close to him, while picking up the pace. After almost pushing Alessandro over the edge, Jimmy decides he wants Alessandro to see for himself how rough he’s taking it and brings him directly to the mirror. Drilling him from behind with lots of dirty talk and little mercy, Jimmy quickly makes Alessandro shoot his load only inches away from the mirror. But Jimmy isn’t done yet — he turns Alessandro around and pulls him back to the bed to help him get off by licking his balls. It doesn’t take long before Jimmy explodes too!

Watch Jimmy Durano plow Alessandro Haddad’s ass at CockyBoys

Watch Jimmy Durano plow Alessandro Haddad’s ass at CockyBoys