Wes Campbell fucks Tyler Hill in “Foreplay by the Lake” from Helix Studios

Pretty boy overload is an understatement for this new Helix Studios scene! It’s golden boy gorgeousness times two with Tyler Hill and Wes Campbell heating each other up by the beautiful San Diego bay before moving it inside to dive deeper into one another. This too pretty twosome lavish each other with deep cock kisses in an exercise of male perfection.

Putting perfect pink lips around each other’s beautiful bronze boners before Wes wets his whistle with Tyler’s perfect pucker; getting it ready for a boning. Hill is in pure ecstasy as his ass gets hammered. Campbell keeps his hands on his bottom’s shoulders to get a good grip, driving dick home hard.

Tyler has a hard time not keeping his hands on himself as they put each other through the paces in every position imaginable. Balls full and rock hard the entire time, Tyler finally explodes like a fire hose with Wes’s cock lodged deep. Campbell cranks cum back at him, drenching the kid. This is the ultimate perfect pretty boy wet dream. Get a tissue, you’re gonna need it.

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Watch Wes Campbell fuck Tyler Hill’s smooth ass at Helix Studios

See Tyler Hill take a hard pounding from Wes Campbell at Helix Studios