Inked newcomer Richard Buldger strokes his juicy dick for Active Duty

This handsome young recruit from Active Duty goes by the name of Richard Buldger. Chatting with Claude, he seems just a tad nervous, but in the good way. Something about Richard tells me he’s an adventure seeker who craves new experiences. Hey, he wouldn’t be here in the first place otherwise!

Richard relaxes on the couch, letting his hands run up and down his slick boner, displaying for us his impressive length and strength, sometimes beating his hard cock against his palm. From the couch, Richard stands up and Claude gets low to give us an upward view. Boy, Richard sure does have a lot of meat to work with!

Then it’s back to the couch, where Richard hits his stride, really getting into the greasy fun of showing of his pulsating erection. If that hint of ass got your motor running while Richard was on the couch, the next shot is the payoff. Richard goes back to his feet and opens up his legs so Claude can get a perfect shot of those sumptuous cheeks from underneath.

After Claude does some more nice work, moving around behind Richard to give us a full view of that plump, strong butt, Richard lays fully back on the couch to pop his building load. You’ll wanna stick around to see him blast his thick cum all over his stomach. I like this dude and I know the whole squad will be eagerly anticipating his return.

Watch inked newcomer Richard Buldger jerk off for Active Duty


Watch Richard Buldger stroke his juicy dick for Active Duty


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