Ricky Roman submits to Justin Brody in “Missed Connections” part two from CockyBoys

CockyBoys has released the second scene from their “Missed Connections” series – starring cocky boys Ricky Roman and Justin Brody. A missed connection happens to us all and sometimes you will do anything you can to find that person again. In this day of multiple forms of communication, there are many chances to reconnect with someone that caught your eye and took your breathe away. Missed Connections ads can bring you in touch quicker than you think.

Both Ricky and Justin are tops with fans and together they bring a intensity we all want to be part of. Ricky could not stop fantasizing about his encounter with Justin and the possibilities of what could have happened. He was so mesmerized by meeting Justin that he forget to get Justin’s number. So onto the Missed Connections posts to see if he could find him which he did almost right away.

They say that real life can’t meet up with a fantasy but Justin and Ricky has proved that to be wrong. Wasting no time, these two men took their action from 0 to 100 so fast it will make your head spin. But they don’t stop but continue with a mix of slow and fast fun reaching that pinnacle of pleasure they were striving for. The Missed Connection lesson learned is to never let that hot guy out of your sight until you make sure you have his number.

Watch Ricky Roman submit to Justin Brody at CockyBoys

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