Joey Doves fucks Buddy Mason in “I’m Not Cheating” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios‘ network sites Men Over 30 has released a scene called “I’m Not Cheating” for which they’ve paired up Joey Doves and Buddy Mason. The two are sitting in bed and Joey is texting on his phone. Buddy is jealous that he is paying more attention to his phone than him. Buddy accuses him of talking with other guys or that he’s planning on cheating on him.

Annoyed, Joey gives in and decides to give Buddy some attention. Joey starts off with a nice intimate massage on Buddy’s masculine physique. Joey rubs him down from head to toe and begins to get turned on now more than ever. He slides Buddy’s clothes off and begins to blow his hard cock.

Buddy is ready to give Joey some attention now so they switch it up and Buddy blows Joey’s dick until he is horned up and ready to fuck that tight little ass of Buddy’s. Joey fucks him slow and passionately in a few positions on the bed until Buddy explodes while being fucked. Joey pulls out and strokes his dick until his cream load escapes onto Buddy’s hairy chest.

Watch Buddy Mason bottom for Joey Doves at Pride Studios


Watch Joey Doves fuck Buddy Mason in “I’m Not Cheating” from Pride Studios

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