Jay Mercer fucks Danny Montero in a new “Missed Connections” scene from CockyBoys

CockyBoys has just released another scene from their ongoing series called “Missed Connections” with horned-up studs Danny Montero and Jay Mercer. Danny and Jay are side eyeing each other in the gym mirrors as they each enjoy a workout.

Little did each guy know what the other one was thinking cause if they had then a missed connection would not have happened. Afterwards it was good that Danny hit up the Missed Connections posts right away as Jay replied to him fast. So wham bamm, these two hunks made up for lost time and started devouring each other.

From start to finish, their connection was fast and furious because no words were necessary with all the touching and tasting going on. This was a good wake up call to not chance a missed connection with that hottie next to you in the gym!

Watch Jay Mercer fuck Danny Montero at CockyBoys

Watch Jay Mercer and Danny Montero fuck at CockyBoys