Blake Mitchell finally bottoms in a hot foursome with Logan Cross, Colton James and Sean Ford

This is the scene you’ve been waiting for boys! Bionic top Blake Mitchell from Helix Studios finally bottoms. He gets his beautiful tight muscle ass fucked in a foursome with Colton James, Sean Ford and Logan Cross. The boys suck, fuck and enjoy every inch of each other.

It’s seems only natural that some serious fucking would go down when you put Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross, Colton James and Sean Ford in a room with nothing but bulging cocks and perky round asses to entertain themselves. No inhibitions here, the boys go full force and tongues first into each other’s tight smooth asses, priming each twink’s pucker for some severe condom-free fucking! Blake is already a legendary top and does not let these boy’s bubble butts down.

He plows some of the prettiest puckers in the biz while they keep their mouth’s busy blowing one another’s big boners. They take turns swapping, milking their time in each tight hole with a super slutty synchronicity. The sounds alone are enough to get you off, balls slapping tight twink asses, young men’s moans and pleads to go harder will have you raging hard.

The crescendo cums when big boner’ed Blake gets banged like a butch bitch! We love Blake as a top but he has an epic ass and seeing it penetrated is a cock dripping treat! He goes back to doing what he does best, destroying ass as they all cum together and get covered in one another’s liquid love.

Watch Blake Mitchell bottom in this hot Helix Studios foursome

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Watch Blake Mitchell getting fucked in a raw foursome from Helix Studios