Alex Mecum pounds Gabriel Cross in “Collegiate Memories” from Next Door Studios

The latest release from Next Door Studios is called “Collegiate Memories” and brings together Alex Mecum and Gabriel Cross.¬†As he sits in cap and gown after his graduation ceremony, Gabriel Cross reflects on the roller coaster ride that brought him here, specifically, his university romance with Alex Mecum.

Gabriel recalls how Alex, then an aspiring professor, learned of Gabriel’s intention to drop out, and to his surprise, came running to his room to talk him out of it. What followed is certainly worth recounting, the way Alex took Gabriel into his arms and laid him down on the bed, stripping him bare before commencing to show Gabriel just how fulfilling the college life can be.

And though they have since re-created the event many, many times, you always remember the first time vividly, and as Gabriel sits at his desk, he remembers Alex’s strong arms caressing him, how secure he felt in Alex’s care, and how thoroughly

Alex proceeded, touching Gabriel in places he never knew existed, both tender and firm, offering Gabriel a chance to not only redeem his university goals, but to find a companion in the process. He sits back in his chair, recalling every moment, and smiles at the luck fate delivered to both of them.

According to commenter pmaurice, this scene has been deleted from the Next Door Studios site shortly after the release. At this time, it is unclear whether the scene will be released in the future.

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  • pmaurice

    You should have added that NDW has disabled this file shortly after its release without giving any reasons, even though requested by the members.

    • Thanks for your input. I had no idea this scene was deleted afterwards. I will add a remark to this post and will try to find out why this scene was disabled.

      • pmaurice

        The file is back since Feb 17 or 18 but one “awkward” scene, which I initially did not notice, has been edited. Final cut now 33:50 (before 36:19).